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Sunday, November 27, 2022
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    Scrapbook 101

    Scrapbook 101
    Chapter 1

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    Chapter 1. Includes a list of scrapbooking definitions, and a list of supplies that you will need.                        Chapter 2. Teaches you how to organize & protect your photos.                                                               Chapter 3. Explains the sizes & styles of scrapbooking albums.                                                               Chapter 4. Teaches you how to save time and money when choosing your scrapbooking supplies. Including paper, pens, and adhesives.                                 Chapter 5. Teaches you the basics to creating your first page.                                                                 Chapter 6. Teaches you how to use design elements, including color, to enhance your scrapbooking pages. Chapter 7. Gives you lots of references for your newly found habit, scrapbooking. Has tons of page ideas, and more classes to take....

    Supply List

    • An album & page protectors (see Chapter 3)
    • Assorted papers (see Chapter 4)
    • Double-sided black pen (see Chapter 4)
    • Adhesive (see chapter 4)
    • Scissors (see Chapter 4)
    • Assorted embellishments


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