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Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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    Online Scrapbooking Classes
    Scrapbook 101
    Take our Free Scrapbook 101 class today!!! There is a new chapter added every week or two. Learn how to organize your photos, which tools to buy, and how to create simple scrapbook pages.
    Class Schedule
    All online classes are available free of charge to all visitors to the site. If you have an idea for a class you would like to take please let us know, and we will fit it into the schedule.

    Scrapbook 101- Available Now!!!
    Forever Journaling- January 2001
    Sticker Mania- February 2001
    Paper Perfection- March 2001
    Paper Punchin- April 2001
    The Little Extras- May 2001
    Paper Art- June 2001
    Class Descriptions

    Scrapbook 101

    This class teaches you the basics of scrapbooking. Including which products to buy, the secrets to the perfect page layout, and how to organize your pictures. This class has a lot of information for the new scrapbooker, and for the scrapbooker who just wants to learn more. This class is free to all registered users.

    Sticker Mania

    Learn how to make sticker pages into award winners. Stickers can make very beautiful and easy pages when used properly. Learn the tips and tricks of the professionals. And also learn how to creat fabulous scenes on your pages using only stickers and paper. This class is good for the beginner scrapbooker.

    Paper Perfection

    Paper is my favorite scrapbooking supply, learn how to use all the different kinds of paper. Lots of ideas for vellum, and for metallics. There is also some ideas for, fun to use diamond dust papers. Learn how to use vellum for quick titles. And get some great ideas for using those patterened papers that you just had to buy. Also included are the velveteen papers, leather papers, tissue paper, and fabrics.

    Paper Punchin

    Paper Punchin is a class that has everything you need to know about punches. It teaches you how to overlap them, how to piece them together, and how to create wonderful scenes with punches. It also teaches you how take care of your punches. It also gives you ideas on the best ways to adhere your punches to your pages.

    Paper Art

    Paper Art is a class for people that just love paper! It teaches you techniques to using every kind of paper. 10 new ideas for using the paper that you already have. Make your scrapbook pages look elegant using paper as the only enhancement.

    The Little Extras

    The Little Extras is the ultimate scrapbooking class for overachievers like me. This class teaches you how to use artistic wire, charms, raffia, ribbon, grommets, studs, metals, chalks, and much, much more!

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