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Lift Up
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(985) 893-4415
Community Supporters
LiftUp is thankful for all who contribute to our organization.  Their support ensures activities in our community will continue.
Mayor's Office Covington
Mayor's Office Mandeville
Covington / Early Head Start Program
Kiwanis / Mandeville
Providence Baptist Church
All Saints Thrift Store & Health Clinic
Bethel Reformed Methodist
Kiwanis / Covington
Volunteers of America
Council on Aging
Louisiana Office of Family Support
Madisonville Presbyterian Church
Historic Saint James Baptist Church
Albertson's / Covington
Vasquez Restaurant / Covington
Back Porch Grille / Covington
Glockner's Restaurant / LaCombe
Winn Dixie / Covington
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. McLeod
Clarence & Ramona Meyers
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