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About The Music
(the concerts)
     I believe music is a most powerful tool in sharing God's word and in reaching people. The impact that a song can have on a person overwhelms me as I try to look at this ministry in perspective. In the songs that I write, to the way I live, to the words I say, there is a large responsibility to know that it is all focused on Jesus and what He wants to communicate. For this, I work to write songs that have meaning and depth; some for encouragement, some for intimate praise, some for reflection, some to powerfully exclaim the life of Jesus, our redeemer, and some to proclaim our call to mission. 
     My first love is piano as you might have read. I have done one piano recording, so far, of hymns and a bit of original material. You can see this on our products page and maybe listen to a couple of examples. I also love to write songs and sing. Apparently, the poor boy just can't get enough!!!  I am waiting to accomplish the next project, a vocal recording of original songs. These song are the message that I want to tell people about. I am very excited about this and already use them in concerts, but am eagerly anticipating having them recorded so people can listen more than once.
     The concerts - I love the concerts! I think this ministry is unique in that there is a mixture of instrumental, vocal, and interaction. It is so much fun to take people through a time of intimate worship that teaches, encourages, edifies, and leaves them with something positive on which to cling.  Each concert is a personal experience. I don't really like to have a generic set for all visits. I like that the Holy Spirit guides in that process. I do organize a flow that will best suit what needs to be accomplished for each event. I love to designate a time in each concert to do favorite hymns, a more intimate time of improv at the piano with the people singing. Along with this there is another interactive part, where all ages do a little fun "thing". This I can't describe because it has to be an element of surprise!
     Please feel more than welcome to contact or e-mail me for more information. I hope you will find this information helpful in knowing a little about me and the ministry that God has given me.  I am excited of the possibility of meeting you and your church, and getting to minister there. God Bless.

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