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_______________________________________________The The BIG Move 
September, 2001
      Well, we finally made the big move from New Orleans. We enjoyed our time in Lousiana working on a seminary degree.  It is hard to believe that I have made it to the end of another degree and still alive!!  It is irrelevant that I have a Master's degree, but it is legit and it is definitely mine (I paid for it!) From my sincerity, I have to say, the education process has it's way of making me feel like quite the idiot sometimes, but in the end I find that God can use it to make me grow. WOW! The years spent at New Orleans Seminary has certainly impacted me spirituallym and I still love music, maybe even more, if this is possible. 
      We are moving to Tennessee to continue pursuing God's call in concert ministry. My wife and I felt like Tennessee was the place to go, so we prayed earnestly that God would show us by confirming His direction for us. He truly did! I tell you what, the big FAITH journey is really quite the adventure, you know what I mean? We are more than excited. God has provided the perfect house for us and a great location. More so than this, we truly believe He is going to open up doors of ministry in a big way.
     Please pray for us. You can write or e-mail us to let us know that you are. We would love to hear from you. You can find our new address on the contact page. We will be moving on August the 31st. We should be settled within a couple of weeks of this date. 
Christmas Time
December, 2001
     Well It is Christmas time already. My family and I are having a wonderful time here in Tennessee. It is a busy time, but there is so much to see and the weather is beautiful! I just got back home from doing a Christmas concert in Georgia. It jump started the Christmas spirit for me so I want to spread it around.. I do want to wish each and every one of you a blessed and a very merry Christmas season. Be sure to stop and tell your Father in heaven how much you love Him for all that He has done. Isn't He awesome? Worship Him. He is certainly worthy!!
Devin's Birthday-December 13th
December, 2001
      I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! Our little boy is almost one year old! Of course, you would know that his mom will be having a large scale party for him. I'm so sure he will remember (oh, wait, he will; she will have pictures, and pictures, and pictures...) She is so exited to spoil him (like that is not the dilemma already!) If you see this and want to send an e-mail to him, we will be sure to show him. Thanks!! By the way if you haven't, be sure to look at his pictures on our "family page"
Look for more exciting things happening soon...

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