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    Fourth Dimensional Bubble Fountain
    Custom Bubble Wall Fountains
    Ryeeza - Limited Edition Water Bubble Fountain

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    Custom Bubble Wall Gallery
    Click on photos to view a high-resolution version.

    Holiday Inn, Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C.


    Voodoo Lounge VIP Section, Grand Casino, Gulfport, Mississippi

    Swank, Milwaukee, WI


    Swank, Milwaukee, WI


    Ron Jon Surf Shop, Cape Caribe, Cocoa Beach, Florida



    Custom Curved Wall-Mounted Bubble Wall with Bar Shelves, Residential, Boston, MA


    Holiday Inn, Columbia, Maryland


    Beau Rivage / MGM Grand, Biloxi, MS


    The Spot Club, Martinsburg, West Virginia 


    Captain Dave's By The Gulf, Destin, Flordia
    Sandblasted Dolphins on Acrylic Bubble Panels


    Redfish Bar and Grill, Boulder, Colorado


    Trade Show Display, TotoUSA, Chicago, IL


    Jillian's, Downtown Boston, MA



    Alternative Audio
    Flagstaff, Arizona


    Custom Bubble Wall
    Las Vegas, Nevada 


    Custom CD Rack
    Flagstaff, AZ


    Earnhardt Auto Center
    Phoenix, Arizona


    Soul Fountain
    Phoenix, Arizona

    Custom Bubble Wall, Chesnut Emporium
    Morgantown, West Virginia

    Silicar Radi
    Littleton, Colorado

    Custom Floor Bubble Panels
    Camarillo, California




    Custom Advertising Display
    Flagstaff, Arizona

    Room Divider Bubble Wall
    Yavapi, California 

    Silicar Erathmus
    Plano, Texas

    Custom Floor Panel
    Cleveland, Ohio

    Call 985-807-4576  or E-Mail us: Matthew@Beyond7.com
    All contents of this website, including product designs (blueprints, diagrams, prototypes, models, custom designs, production products), concepts,
    photographs, graphics, text, software are copyright 1997-2013 by Matthew Sober.  All rights reserved.  Reproduction or duplication without
    authorization is prohibited.

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