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    Silicar Erathmus -- Limited Edition Sand Fountain
    Bubbling Water Columns
    Shaped Floor Standing Water Bubbler Panels

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    Packaging and Shipping
    Our bubble fountains and other acrylic products are hand-crafted.  Building them is an artform.  Getting them to arrive at your location when shipped from our shop is another artform in itself. 
    To ensure maximum protection of the acrylic, items are securely wrapped up with plastic, and shipped in foam filled wooden crates. 
    Most of our items are shipped via FedEx Ground.  Larger custom projects may require motor freight shipment.  Rush Air Shipping and Rush Air Freight available by request.
    Deliveries and Installations
    Our preferred method of shipping is personal delivery.  No package shipper or trucking company will give as much care, safety and concern as we do when it comes to shipping out fountains.  There is nothing more rewarding than building a custom bubble fountain, and then making a personal delivery to your business or home, and meeting our customers.  Most times the fountain can also be set up or installed, which insures that everything is done properly.  We even clean off the last speck of dust.  Of course, personal delivery isn't always feasible, but whenever possible we'll take it direct to you.  We have done deliveries and installations coast-to-coast in America.
    Call 985-807-4576  or E-Mail us:
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