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    Waterfalls and Waterwalls
    Frequently Asked Questions
    I like a particular water feature shown on your website.  Can I get a custom version made to fit my location?
    Yes!  We specialize in custom water features.  All of the water features shown can be built to any shape, size or style.  We can also custom design a new style or work with your contractors, architects, designers, and interior decorators to produce a system that best suits your needs.
    Do the waterfalls ship filled with water?
    No.  Due to the weight of water, the they are shipped empty. 
    What do I fill the waterfalls with?
    Clean water. 
    An automatic water top-off system that feeds from the building's main water supply can be installed if desired, to keep your waterfall filled.  This can include a filtertrationsystem and deionization and/or UV sterilization systems to keep it clean..
    We can also recommend some water additives to keep minerals from leaving deposits and prevent algae growth.
    Can I put fish in my waterfall?
    Most of our waterfalls produce environments not suitable for fish.  A fish would have an unhealthy and unhappy life and soon die.
    However, if you are looking for a water feature that includes fish, let us know and we'll make a unit for you that is designed to support fish.  We have a network of aquatic specialists who can help us design a unit perfect for your location and the fish you wish to support.
    How long does it take to get my water feature?
    This depends on our current workload, the complexity of the water feature, and materials and finishes required.  Typically we ask for 6-8 weeks.  In needed in a rush, they can be produced faster, though we highly recommend giving us the full time needed to ensure a top-quality product.  Rush orders are 'sold as' is without a warranty.   Very large custom water features may require 2-6 months, depending on the scale and complexity.
    Do I have to refill the water?
    Yes.  The water will slowly evaporated.  Typically the water needs to be topped off about once a week, depending on the size, temperature and humidity.   This is done by pouring the water into the reservoir tank.  Most of the time you can simply pour the water on the glass.  Access panels or removable caps can be made for custom designs which enclose the water.
    How are the water features shipped?
    Smaller units are shipped via FedEx Ground.  Larger units are shipped via freight truck or personal delivery.   Very large units can be more economically shipped in multiple smaller sections which assemble together at your location.  Very large units can also be made as single-piece units, though this typically raises the cost quite a bit.
    Installation services are also available for additional cost.
    What choices do I have for the frame material?
    The frame can be made out of any material you desire.  Prices start out with a black or white acrylic frame.  You can also upgrade to finished hardwoods, stainless steel, granite, marble, or any other material of your choice.  Pricing will vary depending on the style of frame and material type.
    What style frames are available?
    We specialize in custom fabrication, and any style of frame is possible.   The most common frames styles include: wall-mounted, floor-standing, and flush frames (for recessed or inset mounting).   
    The waterfall can also be ordered 'raw', in which only the waterfall itself is produced, no frame.  This works well for clients who which to build their own frame or incorporate the waterfall within their own custom designs.
    We can also produce a unique frame that suits your needs.  Popular examples of this is when the waterfall is used for a trade show exhibit, retail display or other custom usage.
    What size limits do your waterfalls have?
    We deal with custom fabrication, and have a wide range of resources available to us.  Basically any size water feature is possible.
    A better question is: What size can you afford?
    There are two main pricing factors with large waterfalls:  the material size itself, and shipping costs.    Many standard stock sizes of the raw materials we use is 4'x8'.  The most economical sizes of custom bubble walls should be this size or smaller.   Larger waterfalls can be made in multiple sections which assemble together.  Example, an 12' long x 4' tall waterfall can be made at lower cost by making two 4' tall x 6' wide waterfall panels which assemble flush together, giving the appearance of a single large panel.    It also costs a LOT less to ship and is a LOT easier to handle and install multiple smaller panels rather than a single large panel. 
    Glass sheets are also available in large sizes, such as 6'x8', 6'x10' however this will increase the price.  If you are really wanting a large solid panel waterfall, then we can have the material cast to any custom size possible, however costs and lead time can greatly increase when doing this.  Provided the budget is there, any size or shape is possible.
    What type of warranty do you provide?
    We stand by our work, and want each custom water feature to provide the most enjoyment possible for all who see it.  If the water tank ever leaks due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace it, shipping paid by the customer.     Please note: any water feature that is rush ordered and produced in less time than what we recommend is not covered by this warranty.  For this reason, we strongly discourage rush orders for the water features so that we can ensure it is properly designs and built to last. 
     Pumps and lights are not covered by us, however most of those components are covered by the original equipment manufacturer.      We seek out to use only the best materials and components so that you get the best quality unit.
    How are the waterfalls illuminated?
    Our waterfalls look great in most locations without a light.   However, choosing to include lights can give some dramatic effect, especially in a dark or low-light environment.
    Depending on the size and style, various type of lights may be used.  Typically the waterfalls have waterproof pond lights embedded in the rock tray or reservoir.  Custom lighting solutions are available, to suit the look you are wanting.  Lights are available with plugs or direct wire.  Wireless remote control units are also available upon request.
    How are different colors acheived?
    Removable color filters are available for most of our lights.   Dyes can also be placed in the water, changing the color of the water, including UV blacklight dyes.
    Special effects of coloring changing lights or optical illusions of color blending the water with lights and mirrors are also possible, for an extra unique appearance.
    The glass used for the waterfall can also be tinted, laminated with other patterns, or even back-painted to match existing locations.  The frames of the waterfall can also be made out of any material or finish you desire.
    How are the waterfalls cleaned?
    Most of our waterfalls are made our of glass and can be cleaned with any glass cleaner.
    However, keep in mind some of our waterfalls may be made out of acrylic.  NEVER USE WINDEX OR OTHER GLASS CLEANERS ANY ACRYLIC surface!! They will damage it.  The acrylic can be cleaned with a soft cloth with either water or rubbing alcohol applied to the cloth.
    In the event that algae or other growth appears inside the tank, it may be drained, refilled with a few tablespoons of bleach, rinised, drained, and refilled with clean water.  
    The filter will need to be cleaned out about every 2-4 months.  The filter cap simply unscrews, rinse out the filter screen in a sink, replace.  When the filter is cleaned, it is good to drain the entire reservoir, and use a sponge to clean up any residue, dirt or other particles.  Keeping the water feature clean on a regular basis will help provide years of enjoyment of a well working water feature.  Failing to keep it clean will only cause more problems in the long run.  Also, please view the instructions with the water feature for further details relating to your water feature.. 
    How thick are the waterfalls?
    Typically the waterfalls are made from 1/4" thick tempered glass or mirror, inset in a 1 1/2" thick frame.    The reservoir is usually 12"-18" tall, and 12"-18" deep.
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