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    Beyond 7 Designs takes every effort to produce water features that are easy to use with minimal maintenance.  You would rather spend your time enjoying the fountains, not caring for it! 
    Air Flow
    We recommend the air pumps stay on constantly for all bubble walls.  This helps keep the air flow system running smoothly and keep the water from getting stale.   Most of our air flow systems are maintenance free.  However, some really large systems with compressor system will require upkeep on the compressor. 
    Water Fill
    The water will slowly evaporated.  Typically the water needs to be topped off about once or twice a month, depending on the size, temperature and humidity.   This is done by pouring the water into the top of the bubble wall.  Access panels or removable caps allow the water to be added.
    Distilled water is recommended to prevent mineral deposits.   Tap water should NOT be used.   
    An automatic water top-off system can be installed if desired, to keep your bubble wall filled.  This can work with a filtertration and deionization system to use the building's existing plumbing to keep the water filled.
    NEVER USE WINDEX OR OTHER GLASS CLEANERS ON THE ACRYLIC!! They will damage it.  The acrylic can be cleaned with a soft cloth with either water or rubbing alcohol applied to the cloth.
    In the event that algae or other growth appears inside the tank, it may be drained, refilled with a few tablespoons of bleach, rinised, drained, and refilled with clean distilled water.   If only distilled water is used and the air pumps are always kept on, the inside should very rarely require cleaning.
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