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Custom Bubble WallsWaterfalls Bar/Club/UltraLounge (new!)  1-985-807-4576

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    Fourth Dimensional Bubble Fountain
    Frosted Acrylic LED Bartops
    Custom Bubble Wall Fountains

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    Additional Options
    Even more can be done to your custom bubble wall!
    Clear Acrylic Shelves can be directly built on the bubble wall.  Use for a bar, advertising display, CD/DVD rack, etc.
    Etching & Graphics
    The surface of our bubble walls can be etched to show a logo, design, signage, etc.   The etched portion appears as frosted acrylic, which softly glows when edge lights are applied.  Enjoy dolphins and underwater scenery or promote your company image.
    Color graphics can also be applied to the bubble wall.  Vinyl or metal lettering and logos can be applied directly to the bubble wall's surface.   Full-Color printed photos and designs are also available.  Graphics can be placed in front or behind of the water tank.  Graphics can also be integrated into the frame itself.
    Mirror Backs
    The backs or sides of the bubble walls can columns can be mirrored.  This is almost always done for wall-mounted units.  Not only does it hide the wall behind the bubbles, it also makes the water look twice as deep and twice as much air flow.
    Call 985-807-4576  or E-Mail us: Matthew@Beyond7.com
    All contents of this website, including product designs (blueprints, diagrams, prototypes, models, custom designs, production products), concepts,
    photographs, graphics, text, software are copyright 1997-2013 by Matthew Sober.  All rights reserved.  Reproduction or duplication without
    authorization is prohibited.

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