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    Bubble Wall Overall Specs
    All of our bubble walls and water features are custom built, and can be made to your exact specifications.   However, below are guidelines of 'typical' bubble walls that we build.    Keep in mind, that every single piece can be custom made to suit exactly what you need.  Don't feel limited by the options presented below.
    Typically the bubble walls are about 2" thick overall.  We can make them as thin as 1/2" or as thick as you desire.  A lot of our in-wall bubble panels are made 4 1/2" thick to match the stud wall thickness.  
    A bubble wall needs space on the top and bottom.   2-6 inches of the top needs to be covered up to hide the water line of the tank.  2-3 inches of the bottom of the water tank needs to be covered to hide the air flow system.  If the bubble wall has built-in lights, then an additional 2-12 inches needs to be added, typically to the bottom.  Compact fluorescent bulbs can have a slim mount, as low as 2".  If spotlights are used, then typically 8-12 inches are required  
    Frames can be made flush with the tank for slim installations.  Wide bases can also be made for a stable floor-standing unit.
    Weight of the unit will depend on the size and thickness of tank.  The internal water thickness for most bubble walls is slightly less than 1 inch, to prevent holding any more water than necessary.
    Electrical requirements are easy.  Our air pumps come standard with a plug that requires 110V.  Most of our air pumps are low current.     Lights can come either with plugs or raw wire for hardwiring in.  Other voltages can be specified, if required.
    Most of our water features are self-contained, and require no water connection.  For those installations with automatic water top-off, a water mains connection, drain and filtration are required. 
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