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    Water Tank Options
    At the heart of every bubble water feature we produce is the water tank.    This tank is filled with distilled water and air bubbles gently float up through the water.
    The water tank itself can be built in the following styles: Vertical Baffles, Bubble Baffles, and Solid Tank.
    Baffle: Acrylic connecting the front and back surfaces of the water tank.  
    Reasons for having Baffles:
    • Gives the tank strength.
    • Allows the use of thinner acrylic, greatly reducing cost.


    Features of each tank style:

    Vertical Baffles

    • Lowest Cost Bubble Wall We Offer
    • Keeps bubbles more uniform.
    • Very large bubble walls can be made by mounting narrow panels flush with each other.

    Bubble Baffles

    • More visually appealing than the vertical line baffles.
    • Higher quality tank.
    • Lower cost than a solid tank, with almost the same effect.

    Solid Tank

    • Completely open inner chamber for the water and air to form currents
    • Unobstructed view of bubbles and water.
    • No baffles to distract.
    • Our Highest End Tank
    Tank Shapes
    The shape of the water tank that the bubbles float through can be made to anything you can imagine.
    Rectangular shaped panels and square columns are the most economical, and the possibilities are quite endless with where they can be mounted or installed.
    Curved profiles are the next tank shape we can produce.  This is basically a flat tank, with cruved edges.  We can make the edges curved in, curved out, wavy, zig-zag, etc.  We can also make a profile shape of an object such as a bottle, person, logo, etc.
    Curved surfaces can also be made.  This has the entire surface of the water tank curved.  This is typically a very complex and difficult style, however looks really great.
    Round Columns are available.  This gives you a seamless view of the water all the way around.  Smaller diameter tubes are rather low cost, however larger tubes get very expensive.
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