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    Introducing our NEW line of Custom Waterfalls
    Splash Free Soothing Water!

    Custom Waterfall in a Corporate Lobby

    Living Room Centerpiece Waterfall
    Custom Waterfalls
    Imagine water cascading down glass....
       ...soothing...   ...relaxing... 
    Our custom waterfalls feature water flowing down the exterior of fountain surface.   Unique and specialized design minimizes water splashing or misting. 
    Typically the waterfall surface is tempered glass, however other materials may be used, including stainless steel or other metals, mirror, stone, acrylic, etc.
    The waterfalls are custom built to your specifications, or we can create a custom design to suit your location.  The waterfall surface can be made to just about any size or shape.  Larger water surfaces can also be made in multiple sections to lower cost of production and installation.  We also specialize in custom oversized units.
    Our custom water features can be built as a free-standing units, wall-mount units, in-wall units, or as a raw water panel to be integrated in your own installation.   We can also make customized frames for specific purposes included retail and trade show displays, bar shelves, product merchandising, portable carts, integration of custom features including (computer, electronics, multimedia) and more...
    For more information and photos, please e-mail us or call 1-800-326-4871
    Call 1-985-807-4576  or E-Mail us:
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