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    Beyond 7 Designs Downloadable Media
    This page contains links to downloadable photos and multimedia in a wide variety of formats.
    You may view the files by clicking on them.
    To save files to your computer, Right Click and choose 'Save Target As'
    Video Files
    The following video files are available in several different formats, including AVI, Windows Media (WMV), and MPEG.    Each video file is listed as a link showing the file size and video file type.



    Video Links

    Color-Changing LED Lights Example
    LED Color Changing Lights
    Curved Wall-Mounted
    Bubble Bar
    Curved Wall Mounted Bubble Bar

    Floor-Standing Square Columns
    for Beau Rivage Fashion Show

     6.1 MB    AVI

       .6 MB   WMV

     2.8 MB   MPEG

    8' x 8' Custom Bubble Walls,
    Jillian's, Boston, MA



     8.3 MB   AVI

     2.3 MB   AVI

      .3  MB  WMV

     1.0 MB   MPEG


    Floor-Standing Square Column

     1.8 MB   AVI

      .2  MB  WMV

    Concept Shape Curves and Colors

     7.7 MB   AVI

      .8  MB   WMV

    Voodoo Lounge, Grand Casino

       .3 MB    WMV

    Radiant Color-Changing Concept

     4.7 MB   AVI

      .5 MB   WMV

     2.2 MB   MPEG

    Stainless Steel Concavious



    2.9 MB   AVI

      .7  MB  WMV

     3.4 MB   MPEG

     3.5 MB   MOV


    Ron Jon Cafe Bar, Cocoa Beach



    12.7 MB   AVI

      3.8 MB   AVI

        .4 MB   WMV

      1.8 MB   MPEG


    Bronze Mirror Waterfall


     2.9 MB AVI Part 1

    3.8 MB AVI Part 2

    WAFB News, Beyond 7 Designs

     1.2 MB   WMV
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