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Building Profits With Banner Ads is an online shopping mall featuring a broad range of specialty products, online stores, and a wide assortment of theme sites for all Internet users. The combination of the Online Shopping Mall and the Targeted Theme Sites has given sellers the opportunity to market their products to potential customers all over the world 24 hrs. a day.

But, there is a catch to this newly created opportunity - You Must Advertise.
We all know that you can have a store full of rare gems that you are willing to sell for one penny each and if the customer does not know how to find your store, how many will you sell? That's right - None.

Visitors to the Online Mall are increasing daily both from shoppers and businesses that want to use our "Websites made Simple" software to build their online storefront. Now you can share in our success with an advertising program designed just for you. From low cost random impression ads to economical targeted guaranteed click-thru ads, we have an advertising program that is right for you.


What is an Impression Ad?
Each time that your banner ad is shown on a page to a site visitor it is called an impression. Impression ads can be placed for as little as $ .0014 per ad. Impression ads can be placed in Targeted Theme Sites or randomly on the Online Mall.

What is a Click-Thru Ad? (Guaranteed Traffic Ads)
When a site visitor clicks their mouse on a banner ad, they are redirected to the advertisers site. With this choice, you are guaranteed traffic to you site. You only pay if you receive visitors. Click-thru ads can be placed for as little as $ .15 per redirected visitor. Click-thru ads can be placed in Targeted Theme Sites or randomly on the Online Mall.

What is a Targeted Theme Site?
Web sites that focus on narrow or specific ideas (examples: Classic Cars, Pets, Real Estate) are theme sites. By advertising on targeted sites, you have focused your marketing efforts to visitors that already want what you are selling, "Serious Buyers" thus increasing the chance of a sale and a potential repeat customer.

Other Frequently Asked Questions
What is the difference between hits and page views?
How many banners can I have?
Can I use some ads for impression and others for click-thrus?
I already have a store on the mall- Do I need a separate account for advertising?
How can I be sure that a random ad will not show up on my website?

Tracking Your Impressions and Click-Thrus
When signing up for an account you will choose a unique username and password. This username and password allows you to view the account statistics from your computer 24 hrs. a day!
The statistics show how many times your ad has been viewed (impressions) on our site and how many customers have been redirected to your website (click-thrus) as a result of your marketing efforts.

Additional Features: (included with purchase of banner advertising)
  • The statistics page also contains an album of your banner ads. That's right!! You can switch your ads whenever you feel necessary. Upgrade from impression ads to click-thrus or random mall ads to targeted ads, all right from your computer.
  • Store up to 10 banners in your banner album.
  • Show one banner ad or choose several to display randomly.
  • You will receive an entry into the advertiser's index for the category of your choice.
  • Included in the searchable listing of all site-owners and advertisers.
  • Added Bonus #1: You are eligible to participate in the referral program, where you can earn credits in your account.
  • Added Bonus #2: Your accounts first banner designed and created FREE!! ( $50.00 value)

Banner Rates:

Impression Banners (Random in Shopping Mall)
Size: 60 X 468 Size: 120 X 120
250,000 Impressions $ 475.00 (.0019 ea.) $ 360.00 (.0014 ea.)
150,000 Impressions $ 420.00 (.0028 ea.) $ 315.00 (.0021 ea.)
50,0000 Impressions $ 160.00 (.0032 ea.) $ 120.00 (.0024 ea.)
25,0000 Impressions $ 100.00 (.0040 ea.) $ 75.00 (.0030 ea.)
Starter Package 7,500 Impressions $ 60.00 (.0080 ea.)

Impression Banners (Targeted Theme Sites)
Size: 60 X 468 Size: 120 X 120
250,000 Impressions $ 715.00 (.0029 ea.) $ 535.00 (.0021 ea.)
150,000 Impressions $ 630.00 (.0042 ea.) $ 472.00 (.0031 ea.)
50,0000 Impressions $ 240.00 (.0048 ea.) $ 180.00 (.0036 ea.)
25,0000 Impressions $ 150.00 (.0060 ea.) $ 112.00 (.0045 ea.)
Starter Package 7,500 Impressions $ 90.00 (.0120 ea.)

Guaranteed Traffic to Your Website
Click-Thru Banners (Random in Shopping Mall)
Size: 60 X 468 Size: 120 X 120
2500 Click-Thrus $ 500.00 (.20 ea.) $ 375.00 (.15 ea.)
1500 Click-Thrus $ 375.00 (.25 ea.) $ 285.00 (.19 ea.)
1000 Click-Thrus $ 300.00 (.30 ea.) $ 220.00 (.22 ea.)
500 Click-Thrus $ 175.00 (.35 ea.) $ 130.00 (.26 ea.)
Starter Package 100 Click-Thrus $ 55.00 (.55 ea.)

Click-Thru Banners (Targeted Theme Sites)
Size: 60 X 468 Size: 120 X 120
2500 Click-Thrus $ 750.00 (.30 ea.) $ 525.00 (.21 ea.)
1500 Click-Thrus $ 555.00 (.37 ea.) $ 420.00 (.28 ea.)
1000 Click-Thrus $ 450.00 (.45 ea.) $ 330.00 (.33 ea.)
500 Click-Thrus $ 260.00 (.52 ea.) $ 195.00 (.39 ea.)
Starter Package 100 Click-Thrus $ 80.00 (.80 ea.)

Use a banner that you have designed or let our ad department design it for you.
Our charge for banner design and animation is $ 50.00 ea.

Banner Size Specifications:

60 X 468 120 x120
Max File Size 11KB Animated ads should not exceed 8 loops
Submitted ads must be in .gif or .jpeg format
Banner Ads will be linked to the page of your choice.

Cancellation Policy
In the event that you wish to withdraw from a marketing campaign you have paid for, you may do so at any time, and request a refund for any unused banner ad advertising. Your account will be charged a 10% fee (based on the unseen ad value) plus $50.00 to cover our cost of removing your account.

Please read the Seller Agreement before placing Ads. All ads will be checked for content. We reserve the right to remove any ad that we deem inappropriate or in violation of the Seller Agreement.
Ad rates are subject to change without notice.

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