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Monday, July 9, 2001
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    Scrapbook 101

    Scrapbook 101
    Chapter 4
    Now that you have choosen your album, you can buy the rest of your supplies.


    When choosing paper for your scrapbooks make sure to choose papers that are clearly labeled as "acid-free".  When you are first starting you should choose a variety of different colors of cardstock. You can also choose a few printed papers, but don't go overboard because they can be hard to use. There are lots of different textures of papers now, including vellum, mulberry, velveteen, embossed, diamond dust and many more. There will be more about these papers in the paper class available this spring. I have to say one thing though, paper is by far my favorite thing to use in my scrapbook. You can do so many elegant layouts with just different types of papers.






    Another essential for scrapbooking is having the right pen. I always use Zig pens. They come in every size, shape, and color. Zig pens are also acid-free and they are pigment ink. Which means that your colors wont bleed. They also won't fade, which is very important when it comes to scrapbooking.


    of Pens


    I recommend using dry adhesive in every situation that it is possible. The reason that I say this is because glue is a water-based product, meaning that it will eventually dry out and fall off. If you have to use a glue for small items, I would suggest using a glue stick. This is probably the least messy of your choices. You should probably start off with photo fix. This is a box of little double-sided adhesive sqaures. This the cheapest thing to start out with. When you decide to upgrade I would choose the Hermafix Machine. This machine place the same type of adhesive sqaures but it is much faster to use.






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