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Monday, July 9, 2001
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    Scrapbook 101

    Scrapbook 101
    Chapter 3

    Decisions, decisions, decisions...

    Now that you have all of your pictures organized and ready to go, you are ready for the hard part... 

    Now you have to decide which type of scrapbook to make. There are three main choices in the types of scrapbooks you can make.

    Sizes :
    This is the largest size of scrapbook that is readily available to most scrapbook stores. There is a larger size but it is extremely hard to find, and extremely hard to store. There good points and bad points to each type of scrapbook, and you have to weigh each one according to what your needs are. The good points about 12x12 albums are that, they are very big... Meaning that you can fit a lot more pictures on them. Another good point is that most of the 12x12 albums lay flat... meaning that the pages sit right next to each other. For the design side of scrapbooking, this is a better choice.  One of the bad points to a 12x12 album is that they are more expensive, everything is more expensive, from the paper, to the page protectors, and even the album itself. Another bad point is that the supplies are harder to find, there is a much smaller selection of 12x12 papers, and unless you want to have the background to all of your pages white, then I would suggest a smaller album.

    8 1/2x11- This is the most common size of scrapbook album. Which means that there are a lot more papers to choose from. You can't fit as many pictures on this size page but as I will explain later in another chapter, you really don't want to have too many pictures on each page, because it gets too cluttered.  I really like 8 1/2x11 pages as you can tell, and I can't find too much wrong with using them except maybe the amount of pictures you can fit on the page.

    smaller albums- There are various different sizes of smaller albums. These albums are usually sprial bound and are very fun to use for A B C albums. Most of these albums don't have page protectors so you wouldn't want to use them for pictures that you don't have the negitives for, or for really important things, that you don't want destroyed.

    Types of Albums:
    Sprial bound- These albums don't usually have page protectors available so I wouldn't use them for anyhting important that you don't have the negitives for.

    Three-ring- These albums are probably the most cost effective. You can fit many pages into these albums and since they aren't too expensive you can replace them if they get worn. You can also change the cover page on the front and sometimes the side of the album to which ever color that you want.

    Strap-hinge- These albums don't come in 8 1/2x11 yet, but they are pretty sturdy and you can fit 45 pages inside of them. You also have to use the pages that come with the album, and you have to create the page right on top of the pages in the album, then you slip a page protector over it. This is not good for when you can't do your pages in order.

    Post-bound- These albums are pretty nice and come is lots of colors, but they are not very sturdy. You also have to use the page protectors made just for that album, and they are usually expensive. If you use the regular page protectors in these albums, the pages won't turn properly.

    Whichever size and type of album you choose make sure that it is right for you. Start with one type and size and if you are not happy with it try a different one for your next album. I am always trying out different types of albums.

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