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Monday, July 9, 2001
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    Scrapbook 101

    Scrapbook 101
    Chapter 2

    Organize those piles of pictures...

     This class was created to show you how to create simple but beautiful scrapbook pages. The hardest part about scrapbooking is doing the first page, so don't get discouraged.



    The first thing that I would suggest for you to do, is to sit down and go through your pictures. You can't scrapbook without pictures, so to get yourself motivated, sit down with a cup of hot chocolate and go through all of your wonderful memories. You will eventually realize how sad it is that you can't look at your photographs without lugging boxes down from the top shelf in your closet.

    What I would suggest is to sit down on the floor in your living room and organize all of your pictures in years, 1980 in one pile, 1981 in another, and so on.

    Also as you go through each picture write down the names and the dates on the back of EVERY picture. Use a photo safe pencil, made for writing on the backs of pictures, DO NOT USE A BALL POINT PEN. In time the pen will go through to the front of your picture and you will see the writing on the front of your pictures.

    I cannot explain to you how important these two steps are, you think that you will remember who your sons best friend last name was in the the third grade, but over time chances are that you will not remember. And if you are like I was when I started, you probably have hundreds of pictures to scrapbook and even if you remember his name now, you might not in two years when you get to scrapbooking those pictures. Once you catch the scrapbooking bug, it is a lifetime commitment and you want to make sure you remember everything you can. 

    After you are done organizing into years. You want to decide how you are going to organize your scrapbooks. If you have two kids and you want each child to have their own scrapbook, but you want your own too, you have some juggling to do. From now on, you can get three copies of everything and make three of the same page for each of you. But for the older pictures you have a couple of choices.

    One choice is in the expensive range, you can go down to your local Wal-Mart and get the picture copied for each of your scrapbooks. Choice two would be to make color copies at Kwik Copy. And another choice would be to pick and choose and try to get enough of each event for each person's scrapbook. And yet another choice would be just to do your own scrapbook and when you feel like letting go of them, you can give them to each of the kids. Some people do their own scrapbook for the major things in life, like christmas and birthdays. And then give their younger kids an ABC scrapbook to look at. There will be a class on just ABC book later on. The choice is up to you.

    But however you decide to do it, just organize it in that fashion right now, it is so much easier in the long run. For instance, make one box for each child, or for each scrapbook you want to make. Make sure the boxes that you buy are acid-free. They make acid-free boxes that hold 1000 pictures and you can label the boxes and stack them on top of each other. I will have them available at my online store very soon.

    The organization step seems like a lot of work right now, but having good organization right now will save you hours of time in the end. And going through all of your pictures now, gives you good motivation to get going on your scrapboooks right away...



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