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    This unique wall-mounted bubble fountain defines a new style and class upon itself.

    With sleek curves, this attractive water sculpture will complete your room or office.

    A seamless curved clear panel contains natural flowing bubbles. The frame has a choice of Black Acrylic, Finished Oak, or Brushed Steel.

    The interior of the frame is mirrored, reflecting the bubbles and giving the illusion that the water is deeper.

    Internal lights illuminate the bubbles.

    Standard Sizes are 55" tall x 8" wide and 90" tall x 14" wide.

    Custom shapes and sizes available!

    Shipping $35.00 Each

    Item ID Item Price    Qty       
    CV58B 55x8 Black Acrylic $850          
    CV814B 90x14 Black Acrylic $1350          
    CV58B 55x8 Finished Oak $1695          
    CV814B 90x14 Finished Oak $2550          
    CV58B 55x8 Stainless Steel $1895          
    CV814B 90x14 Stainless Steel $2850          

    Accepted Payment Types: Visa ,  Mastercard ,  American Express ,  Discover ,  Check ,  Money Order ,  PayPal (Credit Cards)

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