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    Silicar Erathmus -- Limited Edition Sand Fountain
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    Silicar Radi -- Limited Edition
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    Product Group: Floor Standing Fountains    Brand: Beyond 7 Designs    Bookmark To MyTotalUSA!

    This elegant floor standing water bubble fountain extends the Silicar theme. Made with optical quality acrylic, this curved bubble panel features a sand filled base. Variations in the coloring of the sand produce natural and soothing patterns. The bubbles floating and spinning upwards will capitivate your imagination and free you from your worries and stress!

    Silicar Radi is a Limited Edition bubble fountain hand-crafted by Bubblesculptor Matthew Sober. The following list tells the total number of each size of fountain to be produced. No more will be made again:

    • 3 Foot: 10 Fountains
    • 4.5 Foot: 3 Fountains
    • 6 Foot: 3 Fountains
    • 8 Foot: 1 Fountain

    Custom shapes and sizes available!

    Water maybe dyed any color you choose, or equipped with optional color wheel.

    Shipping $35.00 Each

    Item ID Item Price    Qty       
    SR3 3 Foot Tall $1550.00          
    SR4 4.5 Foot Tall $1750.00          
    SR6 6 Foot Tall $2350.00          
    SR8 8 Foot Tall $3700.00          

    Accepted Payment Types: Visa ,  Mastercard ,  American Express ,  Discover ,  Check ,  Money Order ,  PayPal (Credit Cards)


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