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hey there brit.  your web site is a little better.JP.  hey if brittany hasnt told you im the cute guy in my town in Arizona.  Arizona's the best! but its so friekin hot!!!!  just like  hey well brittany im gonna go hey to all these other girls on here and tell brittany to give you my address.send me a picture or something. e-mail me t_bone_2005@yahoo.lataz.bye brittany.

love always the best basketball player in our town. 
T.J. <3

OMG!! I LOVE you're site!!!! (Oh and HEY!!!) It's the cutest! hahaha
OUTSIDERS RULE!!!!!!! lol that's creative, all the stuff you put! I would have NEVER been able to think of that!!!! So, I love your site and this is all I have to talk about for now so I'm gonna go!
Luv ya!
Christina Wrote: (
hey chica! what's up? your website is Really cute! i luv it! keep up the good
work! luv ya alwayz! *Christina*

 Tara Wrote:  ( Hey  nice webpage . i dont know what else to say


Meghan Wrote:

     Hey girl! What's up??? How has it been? I really Like your website! It's soooo cute!  Talk to ya later! We gotta get togehter again!


Mary-Grace Wrote:

hey girl i went to yur site its so cute! did u draw those pictures??? of the
girls and all. well hopefully ill see u soon! o and why isnt my name on yur
site?? lol c ya chick!
luv ya
mg (mary grace)


Ian Wrote:

hey, i like your site, it is pretty tizzy.  TJ is really conceited, i am the hottest guy, i mean come on now!  It's not like i am buff or anything........:)  ;)   I am only the best basketball player in the HIGH SCHOOL! and i am better than TJ! so all yall ladies, if you want a man, email me @ !!!!!!  Unless you want a little boy (TJ)!!!!!! well c-ya laterz!
                  just thought i would D
                                          P a few lines and say WAZZZZZZUUUUUUUUPPPPPPP!

      IAN #25

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