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Hi Guys and Girls! Hope you are liking my site!!!
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Isn't my monkey the cuties thing ever???
Have you seen Pearl Harbor? Go and see some great pictures from it!!!
This is will take you straight to it!
To see more of them just click on the pictures above!!
Mr.Tom, Mrs.Carol, Ed, and Marjorie!!!
I Miss Ya'll!!!
Here is a HEY to all my friends in Louisiana-
Cassidy, Courtney, Jonathan, Gautam, Stephen, Doug, Lindsey, Dave, Megan, Cassie, Amy, Tara, Bethany, Chelsy, Krystal, Amanda, Emily, Lauren, Brooke, Melanie, Malory, Katy, Kevin, Chris, Kolby, Christina, Lindsey Dugas...
And a HEY to Meghan and Cindy for staying friends with me until the very end since Kindergarden.....I love yall so much

                         Courtney and Dave!!!

And here is a SPECIAL HEY to all my favorite people!! My ARIZONA friends- Christi, Brianna, Penny, TJ, Dustin, Ian, Andrew, Kyile, Evony, Brooke, Nicolette, Nikki, Catlin, Ian, Lacey, Loso, Brian, Stoney ( your baggered ), Cordia, Kim, Marissia, Marci, MAGY**, Devon, Tony, Chris, Jason, Skyler, Samantha, Rynn, Old B, Camren, Brice, Shane, Kevin, Pauliene, Blain, Eric, Aldo, Nick, Mariene, Heather, Lea, Edward, Mary-Kate, Daniel, Luis, Raul, Steven, Mayra, Sliva, Brianna A, and if I missed anyone- No biggy- I still Luv Ya!!
Hey to my cuzins---Bethany, Janelle, Jennifer, and Jamie luv yall xoxoxo!!!



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