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    Ryeeza - Limited Edition Water Bubble Fountain

    Silicar Erathmus -- Limited Edition Sand Fountain
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    Silicar Erathmus is a very unique open flowing water fountain. This all acrylic fountain features a center section filled with several colors of sand. Water flows smoothly over the sand section, making it glisten like sandstone. The sound of softly running water will relax you. The fountain is lighted, making it look great at night. This is a fountain unlike any other!

    Silicar Erathmus is Limited Edition - only 3 of these fountains will be made, each signed and numbered by the artist. There are two remaining fountains available.

    Fountain is 5 feet tall.

    Custom sand fountains are available upon request.

    Shipping $50.00 Each

    Taxable in AZ

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    SE23 Silicar Erathmus $1695.00          

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