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    Ryeeza - Limited Edition Water Bubble Fountain

    Fourth Dimensional Bubble Fountain
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    Product Group: Floor Standing Fountains    Brand: Beyond 7 Designs    Bookmark To MyTotalUSA!

    Floor standing Fourth Dimensional Water Fountain.

    This unique water bubble fountain has two panels of bubbling water, and internal mirrors and lights. Each panel can be dyed a separate color, allowing colors to be blended. This means if the water is dyed blue and yellow in the two panels, a blending of green is seen as the fountain is viewed from different angles.

    These fountains look straight out of the future!

    They will amaze you with their changing colors as the bubbles spin and float around.

    The mirrors create an infinite depth effect, making the fountain look much larger inside that it actually is.

    This photo depicts two Fourth Dimensional Bubble Fountains setting side by side.

    This style of fountain makes a great corner fountain, as well as an end-piece to a counter or entertainment center.

    Shipping $25.00 Each

    Taxable in AZ

    Item ID Item Price    Qty       
    4D3F 3 Foot Tall 4D Fountain $250.00          
    4D4F 4 Foot Tall 4D Fountain $320.00          

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