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    Custom Bubble Wall Fountains

    Wall Mounted Water Bubble Fountain
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    Product Group: Wall Mounted Fountains    Brand: Beyond 7 Designs    Bookmark To MyTotalUSA!

    This sleek and stylish wall-mounted water bubbler is bold, yet
    relaxing. Soft and shimmering air bubbles float peacefully upward.
    Makes a great addition to any home or office. Bubble panel is clear
    acrylic with mirror back and black acrylic case. Water is drainable,
    and can be dyed any color you choose. Fountain is mounted to a wall
    by either screws or hung by a nail. Size: 4 feet tall. Fountains are
    signed and numbered by bubblesculpter Matthew Sober.

    Shipping $15.00 Each

    Taxable in AZ

    Item ID Item Price    Qty       
      Unlighted Wall-Mounted Fountain $165.00          
      Lighted Wall-Mounted Fountain $195.00          

    Accepted Payment Types: Visa,  Mastercard ,  Check,  Money Order

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