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Minature Soldiers

We produce fine recast lead minature soldiers. Our catalog began as recasts of plastic figures from the 1950's though the 1970's, then evolved into castings of converted figures with choices often available as to heads, arm poses and weapons. Figures come either primed in light grey primer, ready to paint, or hand painted. Painted figures are done in a matte finish, unless a gloss finish is requested. 

As a number of these figures are cast in pieces, then assembled, they are not always exactly alike; that is faces or hair style may vary, an elbow may be bent or straight, etc. We think that this diversity is a positive feature and hope you agree. In the same vein, paint schemes can vary on figures not wearing uniforms.

Mounted figures are sold separate from the horses.

Since there are only two of us involved in this business and we take a lot of care with each piece, delivery of painted figures can take up to six weeks.

These lead figures are intended for adult collectors and might cause injury to young children when played with.

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Toy Soldiers - Bryan and Val Davis
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