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This is a collection of still images from a project I'm calling 'Egypt'.  After trying out various 3D programs, I found one that I've decided is the best for what I want to do, but it is very complex and powerful, so I'm still learning what it can do, and have only scratched the surface of it's power so far.   This is a test project I'm working on as I learn how to use the program.  Egypt is a scene lots of animation.  Actually, the currently animated version looks cool, but it's WAY to big to put on a website. The animation takes you on a tour from above the main pyramid, into the opening on it's front, down a tunnel that leads to an underground chamber with columns on the walls.  Then it takes you through a few side passages, to another room, and then eventually into the small pyramid and flys back above to the sky.  So here's a few still images from what I have so far.  More to come as learn better techniques of textures, shaders and lighting.
Aerial view, showing both pyramids.
From the air, looking at the first main pyramid, with the row of obelisks.
Looking at main pyramid from the ground.
Inside the first underground chamber below the main pyramid.
One of the passages leading from the various underground chambers.
Outside the small pyramid, looking towards the big one.
Outside the small pyramid, looking towards the big one.
Scene from above the main pyramid.
Behind the scenes view that shows the ground, 2 pyramids above, and the 2 large chambers below, along with the various connecting passages between the pyramids. 
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