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Day 15: Oklahoma City & Missouri

Awoke from our lakeside camp, and headed east across Oklahoma. The weather was quite overcast and made traveling comfortable, especially since my car has non-functioning air-conditioning. We entered Oklahoma City, and decided to check out the downtown business district. It has very large skyscrapers, probably the largest I have seen so far. The area was almost completely barren of people, as it was Saturday and the businesses were closed. We were disappointed at this, because we wanted to check out the insides of the buildings, and most were locked. However, we were persistent enough, and found out that the handicapped entrances weren’t locked on a couple buildings, and sneaked in. It was odd being in large buildings that were meant to hold thousands of people when we were the only people in sight. The elevators are set up for the weekends to only go down, so we weren’t able to have a free ride up to the tops. We searched for the stairways and ran up about eleven floors of stairs and realized that the doors leading from the stairway to the floors were locked. The floors above the 11th floor were under construction, and we happened to find one of the doors unlocked on the 13th floor. We dashed inside, checked out all the unoccupied offices, and looked out and saw the great views of Oklahoma City. We continued exploring other buildings in the downtown area, most of which were very grand looking – quite a vast difference from Willcox, Arizona. We then got back on the road, and drove through the rest of Oklahoma and into Missouri, where my grandparents live. We found their home and are currently staying there.