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Days 13 & 14: Lubbock & Clinton Lake

After leaving our campsite near Rowsell, we traveled on to Lubbock, Texas. Guru had wanted to stay there, as he had a dream about it last semester. We met a woman at a rest area outside of Brownsville who had a small bloodhound dog. Brownsville had strange streets. The weather was great as it was overcast with scattered rain. Lubbock was interesting as it had the aspects of a large town, with mid-size skyscrapers in the downtown district, but behaved like a small town. We explored some of the buildings and met several people our ages. They were on the punkish side, with face piercings and tattoos, but were interesting to talk to. They said the town was pretty slow since Texas Tech University had finished for the semester. Guru and I went to the university to check it out. It is a nice university with stone buildings. We happened to see that the sports dome there had an open door, and we went in to explore. The locker rooms were open, so we took showers there. It was nice to be clean again, after camping for a couple days. We went back downtown to see the nightlife, but it was pretty slow. We ended up sleeping in a large city park. We had our sleeping bags in a forest section of the park. There were a lot of chiggers biting me, so I went back to the car.

Next morning we stayed around for a little bit, and I stopped at a hotel to connect to the internet to send and receive work. We left and explored the northern part of Texas. We took the farm roads and local highways, as they had very little traffic and offered better scenery. We stopped around noon at the town of Matador. It has a population of little more than five hundred and was really enjoyable. We gassed up at a local stop. Full service for $.97 per gallon. The attendant, Johnny, was asked about the signs on my car, and I told him what I did. He said people asked him for websites, but of course he as no use for them. We ate at a local cafe, called the Main, which sported great BBQ sandwiches. The locals were hanging out there, as it was the only restaurant we saw open. We continued on through the farmlands and entered Oklahoma. We found a nice lake, Clinton Lake, and put up camp. The sunset was gorgeous and dinner was great by the shore.