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Day 12: Pines and Roswell:

We awoke to see the sun shining dimly through the smoky valley south of the hill we camped on. The mountains surrounding the valley had large columns of rock. After our breakfast, we climbed up to the crest of the hill, which was a really steep hike up the rocky terrain. The view was great, as we could see all of the valley we camped by, and could also see a huge valley on the other side of the mountain. We proceeded to drive on down I-10. We passed the White Sands and missile ranges before arriving at Alamogordo. We stopped for a while there, and then drove on and toured Tularosa. It had some really nice residential and farm areas, with thick green trees overhanging above the streets. It didn’t look at all like the rest of New Mexico that we seen. As we traveled further, we came to more really interesting territory as the highway rose into mountains, reaching about 7,500 feet elevation. The pines gave a resemblance to Flagstaff, and we visited a really nice stone built church. It was Apache/Catholic, and was different from any other church I’ve been to. There were bats living behind the stations of the cross mounted on the walls. The elevation dropped as we came down to Roswell. This is were the government supposedly recovered a crashed UFO. We had expected the town to have a unique look to it, but it was quite bleak. Looked like your typical non-descript slow moving town. We finally found a couple stores with alien and UFO information and junk you could by. We talked first hand to a ufologist by the name of Roger Foley. He told us about his couple experiences of close encounters and we discussed the matter. I think he was a little nuts and believed too much about aliens, but it was interesting to meet him. It was getting to be evening, and we wanted to find a place to stay for the night, and drove east of Roswell to a place called Bottomless Lakes. They were far from bottomless, and were almost dry. Guru called them Lakeless Bottoms, which pretty much describes it pretty well. Once again we saw a campground which wanted $7, so we drove out a dusty road which led to some wetlands, which were dry this time of year, and set up camp. We had our dinner, and now I’m writing this entry and working on webpages for my business. I love being able to work in a dry swamp in the middle of nowhere. Sure beats my desk back in my dorm room.