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Day 11: Leaving again!

We were on the road again, and this time we were facing larger unknowns. Traveling went easy and comfortable as we entered New Mexico. There was a lot of smoke in the skies, as there had recently been a large forest fire in the area. We explored through several of the cities along I-10, such as Deming and Las Cruses. We stayed the night about 17 miles east of Las Cruses. We saw that there was a campground, but they want to charge $7 for overnight camping, so we went on the other side of the interstate off a dirt road that led up to the base of a large rocky hill. We found a nice area near a stream bed and camped under the stars. Much better than paying money for a campsite, and we had a lot more privacy. We spent the night talking under the desert stars about things we were looking forward to during the rest of the trip, and general philosophy discussion.