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Day 3: Back in Action

I awoke today with the sun burning my eyes. Much better than seeing a snake in my sleeping bag, as had been a subconscious fear of sleeping under the stars. The desert night had turned into a beautiful morning, and I enjoyed it alone by the side of Highway 79. Guru had stayed the night with his brother in Tucson, and I had watched the car. I again made use of the free time to do some work while watching the scenery. It is a nice change from the previous weeks of stressful final exams and class projects. Designing web pages in the midst of saguaro cactus is far better. Early afternoon Guru and his brother Russell had returned, and we were able to get the car going, and took it to a mechanic in the city. Gu and I hung out in a coffee shop nearby while my water pump was replaced. The manager at the coffee shop saw my laptop bag and got excited about it, and showed me a palmtop computer he had just got. The guy was a little weird, and probably batted on the other side of the plate, but makes for another interesting character along the road. Auto repairs wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do for the third day of the trip, but I’m glad that the car is now running great. Didn’t do too much else today, but we are ready to head to Willcox tomorrow morning. Enjoyed the evening at Russell’s place. I had wanted to spend the day seeing a couple other friends, but I’ll have time to see them in a couple months on the return trip to Flagstaff.